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House Of Death

14 West 10th Street

A seemingly classic brownstone built in the 1850's is anything but ordinary as it's known to be haunted by 22 ghosts. Those brave enough to reside in the home have reported seeing the ghost of Mark Twain walking around in a white suit, a woman in a long flowing gown passing through doorways, and a spooky cat waving its tail. 

They may have gotten "The House of Death" for a bargain, but I'm sure many regret their decision to live there due to the curse that touches all the inhabitants.

Actress Jan Bryant Bartell was one of these unfortunate people. She moved in to the huge old mansion in 1957, and soon after felt a “monstrous moving shadow that loomed up behind.”

The House of Death NYC

And the hauntings didn't stop there. Bartell died under mysterious circumstances just a few weeks after finishing her manuscript about her experiences in the house.


In 1987, No.  14 was inhabited by true evil: criminal defense attorney Joel Steinberg. He viciously beat his illegally adopted 6 year-old daughter to death in a grisly murder that sent him to prison. But he was released in 2004 . . . 

Love stories about ghosts, hauntings

and murder?

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