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What Next. . .

My Writing Coach structure is different. You will not be paying upwards of $300/hour for one conversation.

This program runs on a monthly basis - because one conversation is not enough to really get started. 

Cost: $150/month

This will be for as long as you feel you need guidance.  It can last as many or as few months as you feel necessary. Hopefully, it ends when you're ready to publish your first book! 

My job as your Writing Coach will include:

  • Weekly phone calls/Facetime calls to discuss your project

  • Step-By-Step instruction through EVERY phase of the book-writing process (think: setting up your writing space, genre choice, story outline, etc.)

  • Unlimited email correspondence

  • Goal setting: daily, weekly, monthly

  • Accountability

  • and so much more!

If you are serious about writing your first book, sign up for the free phone consultation now!

Sign Up for a FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation

Thank you! I can't wait to work with you!

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