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The Manhattan Well MysterY

129 Spring Street

The basement of a shiny modern clothing store in Soho has a dark secret. In the year 1799 an innocent young woman, Elma Sands, was viciously murdered - strangled and tossed down the Manhattan Well in an attempt to hide her lifeless body. But like most secrets do, her body soon rose to the surface and was discovered. 

Her lover, Eli Weeks, had a sordid past and was quickly arrested and put on trial. With the help from his wealthy and powerful brother, Eli had the famous statesmen Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr as his attorneys. The naive jury was dazzled by Hamilton and Burr and Eli was acquitted in the first ever murder trial in the United States.

Poor Elma was not happy with the results of the trial so she decided to stick around. Many have seen her ghost at the Manhattan Well where she will forever be searching for justice.

Want to learn more about the ghosts of

Elma Sands and Alexander Hamilton?

Read Jane Street now!

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