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New York city's haunted locations

129 Spring Street

The basement of a bright and modern clothing store in Soho has a dark secret  . . . click to read more

One West 72nd Street

Steeped in history, the Dakota has been the home to the rich and famous for over one hundred years -- and some of those homeowners didn't want to leave even after they died . . . . click to read more

14 West 10th Street


A seemingly classic brownstone built in the 1850's is anything but ordinary as it's known to be haunted by 22 ghosts . . . click to read more

14 Barrow Street


Set in Aaron Burr’s former carriage house which was built in the 18th century, the restaurant enjoys the reputation of being among the finest in New York City - and haunted by at least 20 ghosts . . . click to read more

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