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The House of Death NYC

One if By Land, Two if By Sea

14 Barrow Street​

Set in Aaron Burr’s former carriage house which was built in the 18th century, the restaurant enjoys the reputation of being among the finest in New York City. Apparently the more than 20 ghosts which are said to haunt the restaurant don't scare guests away. 


Aaron Burr and his daughter Theodosia are among the most famous of all the ghosts. Theodosia was said to have been kidnapped by pirates while she was on her way to New York from South Carolina to visit her father. She was forced to walk the plank but her death did not stop her from going to her father’s residence as promised. It is said that she and her father remain in the house to this day.

Although not everyone finds the ghosts amusing. One of the restaurant’s maitre d quit after she was shoved up and down the stairs nightly by unseen hands. Numerous women have also claimed to have had their earrings pulled off by an entity, presumably Theodosia, while they were at the bar. And with picture frames that tilt by themselves, machines that turn on by themselves, the clinking of wine glasses in empty rooms, lights flickering and plates flying -- people come for the food, and stay for the ghosts. Definitely worth a visit in the weeks leading up to Halloween!

Love stories about ghosts, hauntings

and murder?

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