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About Kate Kasch

Kate Kasch is a displaced New Englander living in northern New Jersey with her husband and four children.


She is the author of the Verity Townsend mystery series, which includes Jane Street and The Dakota, and two holiday romances, Restoring Christmas and The Christmas Invitation, which were ranked in the top 25 holiday books on Amazon.


Based on the novel, she wrote a screenplay, THE CHRISTMAS INVITATION, which was a quarter-finalist in the TSL Free Screenplay Contest. Out of over 13,000 submissions, it was chosen to be in the top 100.  In 2020 and 2021she wrote two screenplays, RESTORING CHRISTMAS (based on the novel) and BLEU CHRISTMAS.


Through her writing coach services, she enjoys helping aspiring writers start and finish their manuscripts, offering guidance and advice based on all the mistakes and successes along her writing journey.

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