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The Christmas season is not all sugarplums and twinkle lights – at least not for Adrienne and Gretchen Harkins.


Torn apart by tragedy, the sisters have been living estranged lives in New York City. That is, until a mysterious red envelope shows up on both their doorsteps with news that forces them to reconnect and return to their hometown.


In order to save the house they grew up in the sisters have to work together to repair their home and their relationship . . .and they only have five days to do it.


When all the odds seem stacked up against them, Adrienne and Gretchen find help . . . and love, in the most unexpected of places. Thrown into a race against the clock, can they pull off a Christmas miracle by restoring their home and their family all while finding true love? Or will they lose it all in another Christmas catastrophe?



When Ella Martinez finds an exclusive invitation to a lavish Christmas party, she has no idea how that invitation will change her life forever. 


With her days full of college classes and work at a bookstore, and her nights spent cleaning offices, Ella is ready to leave that life behind . . .if only for one night. She dazzles at the party, where she and the party host, the dashing Wyatt Dawson, share a magical night together.


Caught between her feelings for Wyatt and her fear of rejection if he discovers her identity, Ella disappears from the party without saying good-bye. However, with Wyatt consuming her thoughts, she finds it hard to concentrate on her exams, and her whole life begins to fall apart around her.


Can the magic of the holiday season inspire Wyatt and Ella to forget their pasts and open their hearts to one another, or are they both destined to spend another Christmas alone?


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